Beauty and the Beast Belles Adventure

Beauty and the Beast Belles Adventure

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Beauty and the Beast Belles Adventure
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Beauty and the Beast Belles Adventure Overview


Belle's Adventure is the best Beauty and the Beast Game! It's a point-and-click adventure game, one that tells the entire story from the movie. Yes, the Disney animated version you love so much! Now, you can live your dreams of becoming the princess herself! Start off as a commoner, make the Beast fall in love with you, bring back his humanity, and save the castle from the spell!

Live Belle's Adventure from Beauty and the Beast!

Belle's father needs some pieces for his latest invention. Help Belle go into town and find them. The pumpkin seller needs some help. In finding the pumpkin, of course. Find the three fruits in town, click on them, and add them to the inventory. Then, you click on the seller to hand them over.

Down below you see the inventory where you add items that Belle finds and needs. Some should be used for herself, like various tools. Others, you hand out for exchanges that are helpful to you.

Simply drag the mouse where you want Belle to go. When you want to talk to people, tap on them. They give out clues for every task you need. Help the people, and help Belle by doing so!

You will have to save Papa and live with the Beast in the castle. Meet his servants, all turned into objects, like the teapot or the candle. Make friends, sing, and break the prince's curse! Love will prevail!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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