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What are Rapunzel Games?

Welcome to our fascinating world of Rapunzel Games online for girls, which is based around the fairytale character that kids worldwide already knew about quite well, but only became more popular after the release of 2010's Tangled, an animated movie from Disney, which made this character the newest addition to the roster of Disney Princesses for that time. Ever since the release of that movie, the character only became more popular and beloved by girls worldwide, who saw this princess as a really good role model.

On our website you can now find and play the best Tangled Games for free, so let's give you more details on the character and her world so that even if you aren't acquainted with her, you can still have plenty of fun playing together!

Tangled: a modern love story between Rapunzel and Flynn!

Rapunzel is a beautiful young lady with a really big and amazing blonde hair, who is kept in a tower by Mother Gothel, an old woman who is quite vain, and this is because she is holding the princess there in order to use her hair's regenerative powers to keep herself young. Rapunzel did not even know she was a princess until she met Flynn Rider, a handsome thief who stole her destined crown and hid in her tower, where she captures him. The two eventually become friends, and he helps her get out, as they start their adventures and discoveries, with Rapunzel eventually finding her heritage, and the two of them getting married at the end of the film.

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Of course, this category is going to be chock-full of Rapunzel dress up games, the ones girls are most interested in, where you get to style this princess however you want to do it, having plenty of clothes, accessories, and shoes available to you, since she is a princess, after all, and a princess needs a royal wardrobe. Do her makeup, her manicure, and pedicure, or maybe a full-blown makeover and turn her into someone totally new.

You can become her dentist and make sure her smile is shiny, you can become her hairstylist who makes sure her golden locks are as magical as ever, or she can even be a mommy that you help take care of her child. If she has any medical issues, be Rapunzel's doctor, and don't miss the times when she gets together with Ariel, Elsa, Moana, Snow White, and all her other friends from Disney!