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What are Rapunzel Games?

Rapunzel Games is a new category added to our website play-games.com that we hope will delight in the new games here. If you do not know exactly who was Rapunzel, we will give some information about it, which we hope will be of great use. As the story goes, there are a couple, a man and a woman deeply in love that they wanted very much a child. They lived near an enchanted garden, where an evil magician and spent his days and nights to take care of the garden. One day, the woman's husband who wanted the baby has broken a flower garden that leads him to his wife. So the next night, the magician Dame Gothel learned that broke a flower garden and commands the future child that the two of them will have to give him his raise him him, otherwise he will curse forever. Out of fear and desperation, the man accepts the proposal wizard. Later, the child would be a girl who had grown up and become the most beautiful baby there. His name was Rapunzel. He was tall and had long blonde hair. It was a beauty. At the age of 20 years, wizard of Rapunzel locked up in a very tall tower that gets a room with a single window. One day a prince was walking through the forest and heard Rapunzel singing. . Fell in love with her Ò€‹Ò€‹voice and said he had to do any wear was on the front. One day, when Dame Gothel gone, the prince called her Rapunzel very hard to hear and face out the window and let her blonde hair fall for the prince to be able to climb on it. So he did, and his pleading was to marry him, Rapunzel accepting. The two were married and lived happily ever after. Rapunzel is a beautiful story of love and as beautiful are also games on this site in this category. We invite you to try all the games and wish you success!