Long Hair Princess Rescue Prince

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What is Long Hair Princess Rescue Prince?

Long Hair Princess Rescue Prince
The queen got sick during her pregnancy and gave birth to a princess who's hair has special healing powers. An evil witch stole her because her hair kept her from aging and kept the princess imprisoned in a tower. One day a prince stumbled upon the garden and became injured. This game loosely follows the story of Princess Rapunzel, the game features 6 levels, in the first level you must heal the injured prince. You must use the scissors to cut off the branches on him, make a healing gel that you apply to his wounds, and use pliers to remove any wood shards off him and lastly you must cut the princess' hair off to heal him.

The second level features restoring the princess' hair by first cleaning it with soap and water, restoring its length by using a magic potion, curling it with the hair curler, and finally dying it blonde. Restoring her hair was successful but now it's too long to continue the journey to the city, in the third level you must tie and style her hair so it doesn't get dragged on the ground. In the fourth level, Rapunzel finds herself in a field of flowers and is fascinated by it so much that she wants to make a wreath out of them. You have to help her make the wreath out of the flowers.

In the fifth level, you must help the prince get dressed up well before meeting the king and the queen. You have to arrange his hair, clean his face and shoes, and choose a formal dress for him. In the sixth and final level, you must help the princess apply makeup, and to choose a formal dress. Princess Rapunzel is finally united with her family after 18 years! Also, check out our other Rapunzel Games!

How to play?

Use the mouse or your finger.

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