Girls Fix It: Blonde Princess Tower Deco

29.08.2022 1.919 20 votes

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What is Girls Fix It: Blonde Princess Tower Deco?

Girls Fix It: Blonde Princess Tower Deco

Girls Fix It: Blonde Princess Tower Deco is one of the newest and best Rapunzel Games online for girls we have had for you all in a while, because decorating games for girls have not been added to this series as much as they should be, which is a lot, since this is a format you really cannot go wrong with, even more so if mixed-up with dress up games like today!

Decorate Rapunzel's Tower and show that Girls can Fix It!

With the mouse, you will follow the instructions of each character, as they direct you in cleaning up their rooms, and fix what is broken in them, and you can then use your own creativity and imagination to decorate things nicely. Rapunzel, Flynn, the horse, and the lizard all have their own rooms that need to be taken care of by you.

When you are done with bringing the tower to a really amazing new look, do the same for Rapunzel's personal style, dressing her up using the clothes, hairstyles, and accessories available, making her as pretty as possible! Start now, why not?

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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