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What are Disney Cars Games?

Who would have thought way back in 2006, the Pixar movie Cars, about talking cars, would then create one of the biggest franchises in the entire world when it comes to animation, which has also expanded into the world of online gaming, as you can see because we are talking about the Disney Cars Games category of our website, where we are happy to bring you all the classic games that have come out over the years based on these characters, and even some featuring their spin-off series, since we also have the Disney Planes Games series for you all!

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Lightning McQueen, a rookie race car, but who is becoming popular, is at the center of the movies, as this red car gets lost in the California desert, and ends up in Radiator Springs, which is a forgotten road that has been run down because the interstage highway made the cars go on that path, instead of Route 66. There, he mistakenly destroys the road, meaning that he gets sentenced to fix it, which is how he becomes friends with Meter and makes a romantic interest out of Sally.

With his new friends, he sets up their own racing team, becoming a start by winning, so that in Cars 2, the sequel released in 2011, he takes on the World Grand Prix, which takes place in Japan, Italy, and England, allowing our friends to go on a world tour of fun, and they take us along as well.

Cars 3 from 2017 features McQueen dealing with the fact that there are some really high-tech new cars out there on the circuit, and he has to build himself back up after a crash as well, and how he deals with all these new changes to his life.

Of course, Disney's Cars racing games should be expected for each of you to find here, where you get to become any of these beloved cars and take them on the courses for some awesome races, but you can even repair them, solve puzzles featuring images from the movies, improve your memory by matching cards, and you can even have an artful time by coloring the cars!

Either game you pick to play from here, even randomly, you are going to have a really enjoyable time, and you don't even need to be big fans of real-life cars, since these are beloved children's characters, and even if you meet them now, they will make you love them with their charm, we promise!