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What are Descendants Games?

Descendants Games is the last category added to, and for this reason we want to do you make a brief presentation of the cartoons you watched before you play these games and at the same time, to have an idea about the main characters whom we want to give them to offer in the new Descendants Games. The first thing we will have to mention is that these cartoons have appeared for the first time on Cartoon Network in 2015, and this is the reason why they are very recent and probably not you didn't get to know all characters. After seems to hesitate between Belle and Beast has followed a family completely different that, it seems that it is enforced on destruction and disposal to criminals everywhere, and for this reason including this time we'll be the unfairness with super heroes teenagers. After more than 2 decades Prince Ben is the next to the throne, and for this reason you will need to be crowned King of Auradon. The fact that the future King would have done before being crowned is itself to deliver on Carlos, Jay, Evie and Mal he will become king, and for this reason he will take them to the palace. On the other hand Princess Audrey is is totally different from all the others of the team descendants, Audrey is confident, it manages to address all issues team, is the leader of the team cheerleaders in town and at the same time he has a great passion for fashion, which gives it a place in team for all other persons. Mal and Evie are the only two female characters in the cartoons with descendants, since they are the only girls who will appear including Descendants Games. Mal is itself his daughter, Maleficent, and Evie is itself his daughter, Evil Queen, as you can see they are approaching a style of rock, one of which is wearing red and the other in blue. The two boys Meet Jay and Carlos probably you know the X-man and soaps with Jessie. The two are struggling with all the powers to be able to set free the their friends kept captive palace in jail before it's too late. Team Friv-Games .com wishes to offer the most interesting and beautiful Descendants Games from those of the adventure, games in 2 players and continuing with the famous games of logic. Descendants is an original Disney movie, which he presents in a modern formula the children of princesses and witches from the Disney world. The story combines with the old stories, in which the characters were the Disney`s princesses and the witches. Thanks for this meeting who bring to us all the princesses and villains in a single movie, presents new Descendants games, in which you'll see your favorite characters together. After they married princess Belle and the prince Beast, have been crowned queen and king of United States of Auradon. The two of them decided to send all the villains on an island called Isle of the Lost and to keep them prisoners, raising a fence which might prevent them to pass in the world of good, and which might prevent them make black magic. For many years, everything goes perfectly, and the princesses and princes had no longer reasons for what they should be afraid,and they all are living very happy. Twenty years later, the son of Belle and the Beast, is proclaimed the next king of United States of Auradon, and his first request as king was to call four young people from thr Isle of the Lost to let them to learn at the same school with him, called Auradon Prep. His parents have not been agreed, but in the end they accepted the proposal from their son, Ben. Ben is a prince worthy of our admiration, which is increased with the best manners. It is a respectful boy, smart, handsome and with a very beautiful heart. In addition to all these qualities Ben also has a girlfriend named Audrey. She is the daughter of Aurora and prince Phillip from the story Sleeping Beauty. The four young people that Ben had called them are: Carlos, the boy of Cruella de Vil, Jay, the boy of Jafar, Evie, daughter of Evil Quenn and Mal, daughter of Maleficent. After they have received the news that their children were called to Auradon Prep, the four villains, had a meeting in which they have decided to force the children to steal the wand from Fairy Godmother. Maleficent was the one who gave them the news and who had ordered to use their best endeavors to steal the wand because if she reach it, she will be able to control the dark magic but also the white magic. Carlos is a boy without personality, because his mother treated him as a servant and force him to be afraid of the dogs, telling him that they can kill him. Jay, is a tough guy, and taught from his father how to become a thief. Evie, is obsessed with beauty and with the way she looks and has some powers which make her enable to attract any husband. Mal has been brought up and trained to do evil whenever and wherever she may be, she is also a very rebellious and very spoiled and she always get what she wants in the most horrible way possible. When the four new arrivals, they were welcomed by Fairy Godmother, which is the schoolmistress. Throughout the school, the four have tried in many ways to steal the magic wand, but each time they failed. Among the attempts to steal his wand, between students have occurred conflicts and problems created by small villains, and Mal was every time trying to solve everything in her favor by calling the magic. Although they failed in their attempts to steal the wand, they still have a chance on the day when, Ben will be declared officially king. Beacuse Audrey, Ben`s girlfriend have the permission to stay with his family in the coronation day and because she had a place just next to the wand, Mal has discovered a plan. This has told her plan to her partners and together have put the plan in application. The plan consist in the fact that Mal has introduced a magical potion in a cake on which she will get to Ben for eating. That magical potion will made Ben to fall in love with her, and if she came to be his girlfriend before the coronation day, she will could easily steal the wand. After the cake has been poisoned Mal managed Ben to get a bite, and immediately he started to declare his feelings of love for Mal. Being absolutely in love with his new girlfriend, the prince decided to present her to his parents like his new love, a fact which terrified the king Beast and princess Belle. Audrey, very disappointed was announced Chad like her new love, to Evie surprise because she began to fall in love with him. Audrey`s grandmother, Queen Leah, felt from the beginning that this whole story was managed by the Maleficent,and she had the suspicious that the four new arrivals were forced by their parents to do something bad. Before the coronation, Mal offered Ben another cake which was going to cancel the spell of being such in love with her. Mal decided that she did not agree that he may be in love with her, after the coronation. Maleficent was preparing to invade the territory of the good ones, and once she had come there she has appealed to magic to destroy everything. During this time, Ben woke up from magic and told Mal that he though it was a magic at the beginning,but he even of that fell in love with her and would like to stay together. Love came also from her side, but she doesn`t knew how to love, because her mother taught only to do evil, but the prince promised her that he would learn her how to love. At these facts, Mal has decided to stop her mother, and when Maleficent has turned into a dragon, Mal turned it into a small lizard. Maleficent was thrown out there, and the four young people villains have asked forgiveness for what they wanted to do and were ready to be sent back in Isle of the Lost. Because the four seemed truly sorry for what they did, the prince Ben proposed them to remain in Auradon, this being convinced that they were very happy. Their parents, though, they were very embittered and disappointed by its own children, they remain alone in Isle of the Lost. This amazing and interesting story comes now on, where you will meet our new wonderful Descendants games. Our team, wants you to enjoy the games proposed by us, and if you find other Descendants games on which we do not have published please tell us, and we will publish them immediately.