Prom Date: From Nerd To Prom Queen

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What is Prom Date: From Nerd To Prom Queen?

Prom Date: From Nerd To Prom Queen

Prom Date: From Nerd To Prom Queen is one of the best new makeup and dress-up games with Ariel online that we've added to our website in recent times, where, as the title suggests, she aims to become the prom queen together with Eric, but first she needs a full makeover because, at this point, she is a nerd.

Let's do a Prom Date Makeover From Nerd To Prom Queen with Ariel!

Start off by cleaning up not only the clothes of the girl but also clear away facial issues she might have, which continues on into the skincare part of the game that follows, where you make her skin look amazing when you're done with it, so that you can, later on, apply cosmetics for the makeup stage of the game.

For some of these parts, follow the on-screen instructions you receive in order to properly use the products, but for the dress-up part at the end, use your own fashion sense as a guiding force to mix and match the tops, bottoms, dresses, hairstyles, footwear, and more items that you want her to wear and impress Eric with. Start now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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