Summer vs Winter Princesses Battle

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Summer vs Winter Princesses Battle
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What is Summer vs Winter Princesses Battle?

Summer vs Winter Princesses Battle

Ariel and Elsa are going to have a Summer vs Winter Princesses Battle, and, lucky you, by playing this game you can become the stylist for both, which means that you will try to nail both styles, each with its own characteristics and fun stuff since you can be fashionable any season, which is what you will be proving right now!

Who will win the Summer vs Winter Princesses Battle?

Do the makeup first for each girl, by using blush, lipstick, eye-shadow, shape the eyelashes, the eyebrows, and you can even use contact lenses to change the color of their eyes.

The wardrobe changes for each girl, since they are each in different climates, but to dress them up you still use the panel to pick hairstyles, clothes, accessories, and you can even change the background if you wish to.

Finally, take a photo for each girl, decorate it with stickers and filters, so they can send their styles to one another across the world, and see who won. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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