Eliza Winter Coronation

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What is Eliza Winter Coronation?

Eliza Winter Coronation

Elsa is the ice queen, so having her coronation in the winter makes a lot of sense, which is the reason why we are very happy that now we've added makeup and dressed up a game such as this one, where you make sure that on this special day when everyone will have their eyes on her, she has to look royal and incredible!

Let's help Eliza look amazing for her Winter Coronation!

Start with face cleaning, where you use various lotions and face masks, use ice to remove her pimples, as well as the bags under her eyes, tweeze her eyebrows, and use balm to hydrate her lips. Next comes makeup, where you apply cosmetics in the colors you like, having eye-shadow, blush, and lipstick available.

For the third stage of the game, you choose her hairstyle, pick a crown for her head, and further accessorize with earrings and necklaces. Finally, dress her up in the most amazing dress, pick the perfect pair of shoes with it, and you can even give her wings made out of ice for an even more interesting and magical look. Start now, and have fun as only here is possible, you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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