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What are Mulan Games?

If you love girl games than we, the administrative team of the site know that the best games for girls you could try here on our site are, of course the Disney princess games in which you get to have a lot of fun and of course make new friends and what better friends to have than the Disney princesses who are cute and fun and so beautiful that the girl games with them in which you get to dress the princesses up and other girly things like that are going to be just the best. So we have decided to give you the chance to try out a brand new princess category here on our site in which you get to meet a new princess, a Disney princess of course, get to know her story, all of her friends and of course to have a lot of fun in the adventures with her and in the girl games with this Disney princess and all the other Disney princesses who are friends of course. AS you can see this brand new category is dedicated to Mulan and we are pretty sure you already know her because Mulan is a legendary princess is real life too because she has saved China, but if you don't her her story and you haven't seen the animation, this is the perfect time to find out more about beautiful and brave Mulan who has a lot of fun games for you. The extraordinary story of Mulan starts when the war breaks out again in China, so Mulan is just a simple girl in the beginning of the story who feels she doesn't belong in the girls world, she doesn't just want to get married and cook and raise kids for a husband the match maker finds for her and she feels her destiny is about more than that. So when her old and wounded father is summoned in the army of China once again, Mulan is brave enough to cut of her hair, dress up as a boy and go in the army. Even though Mulan is a girl she is brave and very ambitious and she becomes one of the greatest soldiers in the army she is practicing and of course she slowly falls in love with Shan who is her general who is training her. The story of Mulan is a very beautiful one which ends in her saving China because even though she is just a girl who doesn't belong in the army, she is very intelligent and she thinks different than allt he man around her and even though she is not accepted when she is discovered because women weren't allowed in the army back then, she still manages to save the country. Mulan is just a simple girl in the beginning of the story, but she becomes a princess when Shan who is the general of the army marries her, he is not exactly a prince but Mulan is the bravest ever so she really deserves the title of being a Disney princess. So after knowing her story we can promise you that a lot of fun adventures and girl games are waiting for you with beautiful and friendly princess Mulan and she is ready with the cutest games because she just can't wait to become friends with you all and she is sure you are going to have fun together in all the Disney princess games you kids have the chance to try here on our site. Good luck!