Whisker Haven Tales Games

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What are Whisker Haven Tales Games?

Whisker Heaven Games is one of the newest game categories that you definitely have to be playing on our site and behave just fine because everything around there is going to be the best thing going for yourself. First of all, the things that truly matter in there are the facts that you would be listening to everything from now on and the aim that you would totally be entering the new era of games in which we are totally sure that nothing else would matter from going in there. We are sure that you would like to play all of our games that we would totally offer yourself so far and the fact that we would never fail on yourself is something so great and so awesome that is going to be making all the levels and all the bonuses. Get yourself ready and start telling us the feelings that would occur to yourself so nice and so great in such manner that would amaze yourself. The Whisker Heaven Tales games is going to be following the best story in which we are fine of the great things of which would occur. Try to make all the levels in all the games, but first never forget that you have to listen to the instructions that we would be offering yourself so nice and so cool because that is the main reason that would make you believe in us like nothing else from now on. It is for sure going to be a game that you would like. We are going to tell you more about now and the stuff that is behind this really cool game all over the places. It is a story that is held on the Disney junior game category because of the things that happen to it. We are sure that everything from now on would manage to tell us everything that you think about so far and so nice that we would never make you feel late about. The characters of the story are Treasure, Pumpkin, Petite, Sultan, Dreamy and Berry and they are all pets that live in a Disney castle all along where a lot of adventures are happening all over the day without anything bad to occur if they are careful. They live with miss Featherbon who is their carekeeper. Every they they enter a magical found portal in which they are going to travel to this new world called Whisker Heaven Tales land, because nothing bad could occur. They are going to have a lot of adventures in there, in which nothing bad could ever happen that time on. In that magical world they have to do different tasks that would make them famous like organizing a bal or going on an adventure that you would really like this time. Get ready and make yourself comfortable because there would be a lot of interesting things going on this time. Well we are going to tell you a little bit more about our characters from here. We are going to start with. Berry is the son of snow white or Bibbidy who like to do all the chores for Cinderella. Treasure was found and adopted by the little mermaid when her beloved prince found her all abandoned nearby the sea. Pumpkin is one of the most sophisticated dog in all the kingdom. It was a gift for Cinderella and all day she only does things that would make him happy because he is kind of lazy. Petite is the adventurous one and we have sultan that is a little tiger who was a gift for princess jasmine and Aladdin. In the end we have another character that we are sure you would like him a lot. His name is Dreamy and he enjoys to sleep a lot because that is what he really does all the time. Figure out everything around there and manage to become something so great and so cool in which we are totally going to understand yourself in order to become something so awesome and nice around here. Try to determine all the challenges and make them come to an end with the highest scores from there on. Show off all the time with your new learned techniques because it would for sure be something that you would never regret in there. Gather all the information's and Intel that you would like over there and becomes something that you would never fail. Gather something that no one else could and we are talking everything that we would like in that time. Prepare for everything that is about to happen to yourself and never let us go like that. We are going to wish you a lot of good luck in our new category and never give up.