Cutezee Palace Pets Quiz

Cutezee Palace Pets Quiz

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Cutezee Palace Pets Quiz
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Cutezee Palace Pets Quiz Overview


Cutezee Palace Pets Quiz is one of the first quiz games for girls from the Whisker Haven Tales Games series! Have you become a massive fan of the pets? Do you want to know which of them you are? Or maybe to show off your trivia? Let's take this quiz and find all the answers we want!

All girls, come take the Cutezee Palace Pets Quiz!

The game gives you a personality quiz, and based on it you will be matched with one of the pets. Yes, they are leaving their Disney Princesses for you, if you resemble any of them! Awesome, no?

You will be asked how you feel, who would be your friends, what kind of colors you like the most, or even who is the cutest prince from a line-up. Choose which emoji represents you the best!

At the end, enter your name, and based on your answers the test tells you who is your destined palace pet. For us it was Seashell! Who will you get? Find out now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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