Quiz Games

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What are Quiz Games?

One of our biggest and most beloved categories will always be the Quiz Games one, and that should not be surprising at all, since the format is an easily adaptable one, and it can be found in most other categories, especially those based around shows, movies, games, or other media, all of which you will find gathered on this page, together with plenty more original quizzes for you to take in order to challenge yourself and your knowledge with!

First time playing quiz games online for kids? Learn how they work!

Well, quiz games are about giving you questions for which in turn you have to give out answers, and you need not worry, since in most of them you don’t have to write anything in, but just pick answers using the mouse.

You are usually given a question, and then you’ve got a certain number of possible answers shown to you. With the mouse, you then pick the one that you think is correct. Sometimes you have to keep answering until you get it right, or you find out at the end how many you’ve got right.

This is usually the case when it comes to trivia games online, but there are other types of quiz games out there, such as personality test games. In these games, you are asked what would you do, say, think, or behave in certain situations.

Depending on the answers you pick, you are going to be told more about what kind of person you are, and if we’re talking about character quiz games, you usually find out what character from a show or movie are you more akin to.

You can find out which Spider-Man you would be, who is your My Little Pony representative, or which one of the Loud siblings on Nickelodeon you are most alike. There are also quiz games where you have to prove how big of a fan you are by answering questions about that show/movie/game, etc.

For some of the online quizzes games you play here, the answers you have to choose from are given just in writing, but there are others where you pick answers that have images as well, which makes it simpler for kids that are younger and maybe are not that good at reading yet.

What are some popular quiz games for children?

Well, these games are not meant just to test kids, but to also help them educate themselves more, so it is always a great idea to play quiz games with animals, quiz games with geography, history quiz games, or even math quiz games, which will help them learn better at school.

There are also online versions of some of your favorite quiz shows on TV that you can now play yourself, such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, or, of course, Family Feud. Among other awesome formats, we’ve got scratch & guess games or other kinds of quiz games with images.

Try some quiz games online with friends too, where you try to do better than them at the quizzes! No matter which of our online games with quizzes you play here, you’re guaranteed both fun and learning, so start them right now, as only here is possible!