Who is the killer?

Who is the killer?

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Who is the killer?
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Who is the killer? Overview


'Who is the killer?' is going to be the question answered by you if you do a great job at this new quiz-like puzzle game online, where all of us have had a ton of fun already, playing this role, which is why we are eager to give this chance to you as well, which you should not be missing out on for anything in the world, you would deeply regret it, believe us!

Find out Who is the killer online!

In each level you will see a scene depicted, a murder scene, and you will have four suspects to pick from, so by looking around on the screen, getting clues, asking questions, or playing mini-games, you will be given certain hints, and through them, you have to figure out who is the criminal, so make sure to pick the right one, or start again and look deeper into it.

It is that straightforward, so all that is left for you is to start playing the game right away after we really hope to see you around for more fun to come as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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