Sort the Court

Sort the Court

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Sort the Court
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Sort the Court Overview

You are a king and you need to get your city back to life by making careful decisions! There are numerous people that will come to you and ask you to make a decision about random things in the city. As the king, you need to make the right decisions to not fail.

There are 3 statistics: population, happiness, and money. You need to be careful about your decisions to try and keep these stats up and not fall down. There are 2 choices when it comes to making the decision: yes and no. You need to answer yes or no to the questions.

Some decisions will affect you in the short term but will work out in the long term, for example, if you decide to not ban pineapples in the city, the happiness stat will decrease but later the pineapple traders will award you with a good amount of money.

Some questions are going to be tricky to answer and some of them will even try to fool you, be careful about your decisions and try to spot the inconsistencies. Some questions are about business like to allow the circus for example.

There are many characters in the game. The vampire can give you good fortune or bad luck if you decide to look into his magic ball, he will also ask you if you are feeling spooky today. The wizard will ask you to try a spell that can be helpful or give you a disadvantage like lowering your stats because of a bad spell. The skeleton will come and tell you jokes. Some characters will ask you to hire them to work for the castle like the blacksmith for example. Your grandma will also come and ask you for permission to start her soup restaurant or to borrow some money.

Try to sort the court!

How to play?

Use the mouse. Space to skip dialog, Y/N keys to answer the questions.

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