Star Wars Games

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What are Star Wars Games?

Play the best Star Wars Games online for free to help your intergalactic superhero (Jedi and Sith) in the battles you have in online games.

Play Star Wars Games online for the best space adventure experience!

Most of you need no introduction to the series, which is why we are first discussing the kinds of experiences you can have on our website. We will then go into more detail in case you think you need to know more before you start playing!

Of course, lightsaber battles are one of the most popular concepts in the world, so you can have them here, as well as fly with X-Wings, Imperial Dropships, the Millenium Falcon, and plenty of other exciting ships, which you can also use for space battles, of course!

You can train as a Jedi together with Yoda, become Rebels, and take on the evil forces of the Empire that is trying to take over the galaxy, or you can even do more relaxing things such as dressing up the Star Wars characters you love or doing their hairstyles.

Continue the adventures of the galaxy yourselves by playing our free Star Wars Games online for kids, where you might also participate in other storylines, such as that of the Clone Wars, the sacrifice of the Rogue One squadron, the adventures of The Mandalorian, join the Rebels team, and many others, because just as the universe is constantly expanding, so is the world of these fantastic franchise and our incredible games based upon it!