Forces in Motion

Forces in Motion

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Forces in Motion
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Forces in Motion Overview


Forces in Motion represents one of our latest Spidey and His Amazing Friends Games online for free we are excited to share it with you here, even more so as it also belongs to the Ready for Preschool Games series from Disney Junior, always both fun and educational, just like it will be the case with this physics game that features Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Spider-Gwen too!

Put Forces in Motion with Spidey and His Amazing Friends!

As you learn about the different types of forces you will be doing it by helping the three spider-heroes defeat Rhyno, one of their classic villains who is always up to no good.

The first level requires you to find Rhyno, something you do by chasing him around in a running and jumping platform level where you click/tap to make the chosen hero jump.

Collect as many coins along the way, and try not to hit into obstacles, since you lose lives, having only three in total, but you can replenish them by collecting the stars along the course.

Now, some obstacles cannot be jumped over, so you will use the spider webs to push them, pull them, and use other types of forces to get them out of your way, depending on the case.

It's that simple and exciting, with us guaranteeing fun from start to finish, as always, after which we hope to see you around for more fun to come, as every day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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