Alex's Double Maze Craze

Alex's Double Maze Craze

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Alex's Double Maze Craze
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Alex's Double Maze Craze Overview


Alex's Double Maze Craze is quite the game! It's not just like any maze adventure games, because you need double the effort. That's because you've got double the Alex. The wizard cloned herself with magic. Now she must navigate the house, like a maze, not to get caught by the parents and siblings, until you can dispel the clone!

Let's solve Alex's Double Maze Craze!

There are two Alexes, one in each room, side-by-side. When you move one, you also move the other. Use the arrow keys to move around. Figure out how to move them so that they both get past obstacles. That includes tables, desks, cupboards, library shelves, and others.

Help both the girls reach the exit of the room before the time granted for it runs out on you. Grab bonuses when you can:

  • time bonus
  • points bonus
  • speed bonus

They all help greatly, especially if family members are around. If you get seen by them, in either room, you lose. Don't bump into them, but hide instead, or run away quickly. Watch their movements as they're mostly the same, so you are able to figure a way past them. Are you ready? Let's maze it out!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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