Wizards Pinball

Wizards Pinball

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Wizards Pinball
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Wizards Pinball Overview


Play Wizards Pinball! It's like most other pinball games online on our website, but here you want more than points. You also need to catch monsters. Through playing the machine you have to capture the Halloween monsters that came to life from it. Have you got the skills? Let's find out!

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To shoot the ball, hold the down arrow key to charge, and then release. The more you hold, the more power it will be shot with. You need to hit the targets with your balls, and that way you deplete the monster's energy. When it fully runs out, you win.

If you want to make the ball bounce more, and keep playing, press the right and left arrow keys to control the flippers. Hit the ball with the flippers to get them to go back into the machine. If they fall through the flippers, you've lost them.

You only get six balls, so six tries. You can try the tilt the machine trick. Press space to do it, but know that you can only use it a few times. Don't abuse it, but try wining with your pinball abilities! Good luck!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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