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Phoo' s Brain Games

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Phoo' s Brain Games
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Can you win Pooh's Brain Games? The bear wants you to play and learn in his category. Well, with games like this, of course you can! Counting, shapes, and observation skills are all put to the test, and improved! What does it mean? You will be having a blast, and come out smarter! Let's show you how to do it!

Put your mind to work with Pooh's Brain Games!

In Shape Stumper you need to spot the shape that completes the picture. An item, like a vase, only has one half shown. From the options below, pick the other half. Find how they fit with one another to pick correctly. There are 20 puzzles like this to solve.

In Counting Conundrum, solve equations by picking the right number. Pick the right number that is missing from the equations. If you've got 6 - X = 4, what is X? Well, we'll tell you: it's 2! Put 2, and you're good. Do this for all the 20 equations!

In Picture Pursuit, find the pictures with the most appearances. Bees, jars, flowers, or butterflies in various colors are in the pictures. Choose the item that appears the most. The list of all the objects is below. Make the right choice for 20 levels!

Good luck through all the brain games, have fun, and be smart!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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