The Hundred Acre Wood

The Hundred Acre Wood

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The Hundred Acre Wood
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The Hundred Acre Wood Overview


The Hundred Acre Wood is one of the many Learning Adventures with Winnie the Pooh online we've got! You can play hide and seek! You can protect the farm! Learn counting and numbers. Yes, sir! Let's show you how!

Protect The Hundred Acre Wood with Tigger!

Tigger will become a scarecrow, as he puts himself on it, right under his hat. Then, the crows come and lay on it. You have to count them since their number represents the clue you need. After counting the crows, click on the hole with the same number.

A nasty rabbit has hidden in the holes, wishing to steal your carrots. Choose the right number, the right hole, and get him out. You can play hide and seek with him this way however many times you want!

We recommend you do it until you have learned the first ten numbers, from one to ten! So, have fun and get an education all at the same time, only here, right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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