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Iron Spider

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Iron Spider
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Iron Spider Overview


Become Iron Spider in one of the best new Spiderman Games online! In this action-adventure game, Fury sends you out on a mission to get back the Iron Spider suit. It's a special Spiderman suit made by Iron Man. Now, you, as the title hero, need to get it back, but also get back the stolen items from other superheroes, like Power Man. Save the heroes, so they can save the world!

Start the adventure of Iron Spider online!

In this platform-adventure game you run, you jump, and you attack. Go through each location, defeating all the enemies along the way. There will be villains, soldiers, and even drones, or alien spaceships. Enemies are on the ground, and in the air, so help Spidey defeat them all. Don't get hit too much, if your health bar runs out, you lose.

Move and jump using the ARROW keys. Get to walls and climb them with the up and down arrows, and press the right arrow twice to make a dash. To swing on webs, press C, and to attack or shoot with webs, press X. If you want your teammate to help you in an attack, press the spacebar.

Only as Iron Spider you can Double Jump (press Up twice) or Air Dash (press Right twice).

Make Iron Spider the strongest Marvel superhero!

To do that, and always be better than villains, grab the collectibles! Firstly, the Iron Spider parts, so that when you get them all, you can put the armor on and use the special abilities and improved powers.

Grab the hearts to recover health you lost in battles, and if you find Spiderman symbols, they give you extra lives, so even better to get them! Unlock your other team members from Shield, like Nova or Iron first, by getting their symbols, which bring back their own suits and powers.

Start the new Spiderman adventure online, and make sure to check out more games of the series!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar, X, and C keys.

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