Encanto Games

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What are Encanto Games?

After seeing how much interest there is out there towards playing Encanto Games online for kids, we knew that a category focused on them had to be created for our website, where you already know that you can find and play the best Disney Games for girls out there, boys too, but this film and the category it has inspired is aimed more towards the girls, as it focuses on two sisters, Mirabel and Isabela Madrigal, one with magical powers, one without, but both charming in their own ways, and so many girls have fallen in love with them already, so expect to see them around quite a lot!

Play Encanto Games for girls with Mirabel and Isabela!

The Madrigal family, led by Botero, is gifted with magical abilities, all except for Mirabel, who has no powers, unlike her youngest sister, Isabela, who has the power of growing flowers, and who is expected to be perfect by all those around her. That expectation does not really fall upon Mirabel, who is quirky and quite emotional at times, but a really good person deep inside. This shows through the movie, as she sets on a journey to find out why the magical powers of her family members are going away, and even if she is not like them, she wants to save their magic at any cost!

While the two sisters are not canon Disney Princesses, they are beloved by fans just as much, which is why, as already demonstrated, you will get plenty of Encanto Dress Up Games to play here for free, but that is not all, as you will obviously be able to do other fun activities, such as matching cards with their counterparts to improve your memory, or challenging your brain power solving puzzles, with this being just the beginning!

Whether you are big fans of the characters already, or just met them right now, having fun by playing their games on this page is something we hope you will now make your priority, after which we hope to see you try out more of our categories, we've worked hard to bring you the best of them!