Isabell Plant Mom Green Deco Aesthetic

Isabell Plant Mom Green Deco Aesthetic

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Isabell Plant Mom Green Deco Aesthetic
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Isabell Plant Mom Green Deco Aesthetic Overview


Disney' Isabell is trying out the new trendy look of Plant Mom, which is what you help her with in the makeup and dress-up stages of this lovely game, but you also do some decoration in the green aesthetic, meaning that you will liven up her home with plants and insects, so that she feels just like in nature, the place she always feels safe in!

Try the new Plant Mom Green Deco Aesthetic for Isabell from Disney!

Start off by doing makeup, where you apply lipstick, change the color of her eyes, shape the eyelashes however you want to, don't forget about the eye shadow, and, of course, about blush in the cheeks and brushing the eyebrows.

In the dress-up level that follows, pick a hairstyle, mix and match tops and bottoms or go for a full dress/outfit, and accessorize with flowers and purses. Easy, chic, and with nature vibes!

Decorating takes center stage in the next two levels of the game, first for the patio outside her house, and then for the front entrance, both of which you will adorn with lots of greenery to get all those plant-based vibes around!

It's all that simple and fun, so start off right away, and make sure to tell your friends to come over and play as well, they can always have an incredible time here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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