Elsa Little Chef Rainbow Baking

Elsa Little Chef Rainbow Baking

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Elsa Little Chef Rainbow Baking
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Elsa Little Chef Rainbow Baking Overview


Elsa is a Little Chef, and she wants to do some Rainbow Baking for her mommy! What is that? Well, she wants to cook either a rainbow cake, or rainbow cupcakes, and eat them together! So cute! These are like the regular pastries, but these ones have all the colors of the rainbow in them. Even cuter, and more delicious! Let's show you how you can be of help, since she's still a little chef, but you're a big one, no?

Start Rainbow Baking with Elsa, the Little Chef!

From the start of the game you choose whether you want to make the cake or the cupcakes. The first one is bigger, but while cupcakes are smaller, you need to bake more of them. In either case, follow the on-screen instructions. In the kitchen you will be given ingredients and tools, all you need. Just click where you are shown, and you will make the sweets according to the recipe!

Let's give you a small preview of the cake. You will have to make dough, and this is true for both recipes. Into a bowl, add flour, milk, butter, and crack two eggs. With the mixer, you mix it up, and you then mush it with your hands.

Take one piece of dough at a time, and put it in a different bowl, where you color it. Red, green, blue, and all the other colors, they all have to be made separately. Bake them all, and then put them together!

Add the creams, the toppings, like chocolate, fruits, or cherries, and decorate the sweets. It will all be colorful and tasty, and Elsa's mom will be very proud of her daughter!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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