Teddy's Dream Dash

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What is Teddy's Dream Dash?

Teddy's Dream Dash

Teddy from Good Luck Charlie is always on the move, and that is also true for her dreams, hence the game called Teddy's Dream Dash, where you are going to help out our protagonist in doing as many things that she has to do, at least in her dreams, where she will get superpowers, thanks to you because you will be here to give a helping hand!

In the dream, your goal is to help Teddy and her siblings get the chores on the list getting taken care of, completing all of the tasks in order. To complete the chores, click on them, after which you click on the kid you want to assign it to and make sure that you check off all of the items on the list, and do it in the target time for that.

Keep the house tidy all the time, because if the tidy meter gets empty, it is game over for you. The more tasks that you complete, the more points you get in return, so aim for a big score! When mini-challenges appear in the bubbles, or the one-click icons put Teddy out there and have her do them as fast as possible.

Only you can save Teddy’s dreams and help out with the chores while having a great deal of fun like never before with these characters!

How to play?

use the mouse

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