The House of Evil Granny

The House of Evil Granny

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The House of Evil Granny
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The House of Evil Granny Overview


You wake up and you find yourself inside the house of Granny, a crazy old woman who hunts her prey with a bloody baseball bat. Your job is to escape from the house of granny by exploring and collecting items. The main door to the house has various locks you need to find keys to. All while Granny is chasing you with the bloody baseball bat. You can also acquire weapons that knock out Granny, for example, the hammer can knock out Granny for 15 seconds while some other items can knock her out for longer.

Granny has exceptionally good hearing, actions such as interacting with environmental hazards, dropping an item will make Granny aware of your location and will rush there. If by the time she gets to the place where she heard the sound and the player isn't there, she'll place down a bear trap. Bear traps are dangerous hazards because if you get caught in them, Granny will be alerted instantly and it's hard to remove. The traps will disappear after 3 minutes once Granny placed them down or if the player frees themselves from them.

There are many hazards in the game, some of them less dangerous while others are very dangerous and risks you getting knocked out. For example, the Bloody Mannequin is a less dangerous hazard as it produces very low noise if it falls while gasoline and unstable flooring are very dangerous hazards that can knock you out. If you get knocked out you wake up the next day to try and escape the house of Granny again but if you get knocked out too many times, a death screen will occur, there are a few death screens including one where Granny hits you with the car.

Can you escape from the house of Granny? Play to find out!


How to play?

Use WASD to move around, left-click to attack, right-click to block. Use F to interact, SHIFT to run, CTRL to crouch, and X to prone.

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