Return Of Evil Granny: The School

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Return Of Evil Granny: The School
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What is Return Of Evil Granny: The School?

Return Of Evil Granny: The School

Return Of Evil Granny: The School marks our latest return to the Horror Games online 3d category of our website, which we know for a fact to be one of our more popular categories, which is why we never miss adding new content to it, even more so when it is with popular scary characters such as Granny, which has made quite the ruckus on the internet!

Escape the Evil Granny of The School!

First things first, learn your controls, controlling your avatar in first-person: WASD for walking, mouse to look around and its buttons to aim and fire, change weapons with its wheel, use G for grenades, R to reload, F to pick up items, shift to run, CTRL to crouch, space to jump, X to prone.

In this horror game with shooting, go around the school, and kill Granny, but before that, deal with her many sidekicks, and other horrible monsters of terror, and make sure to also find the eight keys, or otherwise your goal will not be accomplished. Do not let your health bar empty out, or you lose and have to start again from scratch.

The very best we wish you all, as you definitely need it in this scary setting, and we hope to see you play even more games from the category to keep the fun going strong!

How to play?

Use WASD, mouse, shift, space, R, G, F, X keys.

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