Grandpa & Granny 4

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Grandpa & Granny 4
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What is Grandpa & Granny 4?

Grandpa & Granny 4

Grandpa & Granny 4 continues our series of amazing horror games in 3D on our website, a genre we would like to develop as much as possible, of course, and when we've got games featuring characters as beloved as these two, of course, we would not miss this opportunity to share the game with you all!

Grandpa & Granny 4: a new horror survival game!

Use WASD to move around, and use the mouse to interact with the world around you. Start off by choosing your character, whether you want to save progress offline or online, and then enter the world of these two scary characters, and see if you can survive in it.

You find yourselves in all sorts of dangerous locations, where you need to find the items that can stand against these two freaky old people, while making sure not to get caught or killed by them, because if that happens, you lose and need to start again from scratch, obviously.

All this fun awaits you all one click away, so try the game right now, and maybe check out similar games from the series, or any other scary games in 3D on our website, they are always a treat to enjoy!

How to play?

Use WASD and the mouse.



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