Castle of Magic

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Castle of Magic
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What is Castle of Magic?

Castle of Magic

Castle of Magic is a new side-scroller adventure game set in a world of fantasy, with wizards, monsters, spells, and the like, an experience we are sure you will simply adore from start to finish, just like we did, hence why we made sure to share this game with you right at this moment!

Let's go on an adventure in the Castle of Magic!

Anything you wish to do in your adventure, such as moving, attacking, casting spells, crouching, or interacting is done with the mouse directly on the screen or on the buttons if playing on a computer, and by tapping on the screens when you are playing on phones or tablets.

Casting spells, turning yourself into animals, flying, sliding, and more actions will be available, as you try to visit a total of five magical kingdoms, where there will be various enemies, traps, and obstacles that you have to get past or defeat, and, of course, the same goes for the big bosses you encounter.

Learn more attacks, grow your inventory, and make sure to try again in case you die, since that is always a possibility. Don't keep the fun to yourselves, but invite friends over as well, they might love what they find here, and we hope you also play more of our daily games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Gameloft SE

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