Kogama: The Maze Castle

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What is Kogama: The Maze Castle?

Kogama: The Maze Castle

We now invite you all to enter The Maze Castle of Kogama Games, a new location in the big multiplayer world that this category has created, and which is also one of the best new maze escape games in 3D that you could be playing in it, so you must absolutely give it a chance right away, and you won't regret it for anything in the world, we promise!

Escape The Maze Castle in Kogama Games!

You will start off with a little bit of parkour that you will do on a course made like a chess board, where the black squares represent lava, and so you need to avoid them because if you touch them too much, you burn up and lose the game then and there.

If you reach the flag instead, you get the chance of advancing through an upward maze, where you have to follow the ups and downs of the road to reach the castle, where a brand new adventure and exercise starts off.

Use the WASD keys for movement and the spacebar for jumping. Now that everything has been understood, make sure to start right now, only here, and we hope you stick around for more of this fun to come!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the spacebar.

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