Keeper's Escape

Keeper's Escape

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Keeper's Escape
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Keeper's Escape Overview


Keeper's Escape is one of the best Power Rangers Dino Charge Games that you can now play here free of charge, with this series in the huge vast saga of this Nick show being quite underrated, and it should not be, since dino zords is one of the best concepts the creators could have come up with, improving the show's mythology.

Help the Power Ranger Keeper Escape!

The Keeper needs your help to protect the Emergens from the villains trying to take control of their power and use them for evil, so you are going to be chased by them through the entire galaxy! To control the spaceship you use the arrow keys for movement, and you press the spacebar to fire lasers.

As you fly, destroy the asteroids to get points in return, and make sure to outrun Sledge, the spaceship following you, and also avoid the lasers they shoot towards you. There are three kinds of power-ups you should grab and use:

  • Multi-Shot: you can fire your lasers in multiple directions.
  • Repair: heals damage done to your ship.
  • Time Warp: slows down time and helps you be more accurate.

Don't let your shields completely empty, or you lose and don't run out of fuel either, or your escape stops there, and you get captured, losing the game. We are sure that instead of that you will focus, give your best, and win!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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