Dino Duels

Dino Duels

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Dino Duels
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Dino Duels Overview


Do you think you can win the Dino Duels of Power Rangers Dino Force? We hope you think so because attitude, courage, and determination are going to be the key to winning these battles between robotic and magical dinosaurs all at the same time, our team has had an incredible time with this game, just like we are positive is going to be the case for you right now!

Fight your way to victory in the Dino Duels with Power Rangers!

The villain's spaceship has various monsters that want to take down the Power Rangers and take a hold of the Energens, so you have to defeat these foes in one-on-one fights with each ranger, protecting the precious source of energy, because if it falls into the wrong hands, the whole universe will be lost to the hands of evil.

Use the arrows to move and jump, space to attack, hold it down first to do a charged attack, and if you can grab the health boosts, do it, a recharge is always welcome. The arena of each fight is different, but you usually have various platforms around where you try to defeat the enemy by depleting their health bar completely, of course.

Let's start all the fun right now, as only here you can have it, and make sure to invite your friends for it too!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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