Stunt Car Extreme 2

Stunt Car Extreme 2

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Stunt Car Extreme 2
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Stunt Car Extreme 2 Overview


Stunt Car Extreme 2 represents one of the craziest new car racing and driving simulator games online in 3D from our website, which we are sure that the boys and men who visit us will now gladly give a chance to since it allows them to drive cars in extremely dangerous tracks and ruin them to their own pleasure, which is not to be done in real life, where you need to drive carefully and safe!

Play Stunt Car Extreme 2 and drive crazy and fast, crazy fast!

Through either of the three modes of playing this game, use WASD or the ARROWS for driving, hold the shift bar to activate NOS and get an extra speed boost, and press the R key to reset your car in case it turns over or crashes. If it lands outside of the bounds of the tracks and falls from the sky, where the roads are, you have to begin all over again from scratch.

Why could that happen? Well, traps and dangers such as rotating wheels and hammers will be on the tracks, with the intention of hitting you, and if they do, they can cause damage.

In the Career mode, you've got ten levels, where you need to beat the other car you are racing to the finish line, crossing it with the car intact enough to do it and do it before the time granted for it runs out, so watch the timer at the top of the screen. Do the same in the GTA levels mode, but race only against yourselves and the timers, and here there will be more jumps for you to make, as well as pipes to drive through.

The sandbox mode is a simulator that allows you to try all the cars and all the courses, and you will try out all the different ramps from the game, so when you drive through them in the levels, you know how to do it with more ease.

As you complete the drives, you earn coins in return, and you should use them in the car shop to buy better, stronger, and faster vehicles, and consider the game finished only when you've got the full garage bought out!

Start now, enjoy doing extreme car stunts online like never before, and check out more games in this vein as only here you can find!

How to play?

Use WASD, shift, R, and the mouse.

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