Siren Head: Playing in the Forest

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What is Siren Head: Playing in the Forest?

Siren Head: Playing in the Forest

Siren Head: Playing in the Forest is our latest horror game with the classic SCP character that we know so many of you really fear, and how could you not, since we've proven that our scary games are the best on the internet, something we will continue to do today, and we will teach you what to do as well!

Can you survive Playing in the Forest with Siren Head?

You've ended up in the forest ruled by this monster that is lurking around, and through the five levels of the game you have to go around and find the items that will help you destroy the creatures, but before you get them, make sure that you hide or run from it, since getting killed means losing the level.

You will then have to do it at an even bigger degree of difficulty with the boss level. Use WASD to move around, shift to run space to jump, and the mouse to look around for interaction and press E to pick up items.

Now that you've surely understood everything, you can give the game your best right now, only here, after which we've got even more great content in the works!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, space, shift, mouse, and E key.

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