Five nights with Steve

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What is Five nights with Steve?

Five nights with Steve

Five nights with Steve is the best new crossover of the day that we now want to share with each and every one of you, as we are talking about the coming together of FNAF Games and Minecraft Games, two of our best categories individually, which are only going to get better when they are together!

Can you survive Five nights with Steve?

You are a security guard during the night for Steve's restaurant, where he is still alive and awake, and he is going to haunt you, so you need to make sure that you survive until the morning. To do so, look at the security cameras, close the doors so he cannot get in, and wound up the box to keep the lights on since running out of electricity is a death sentence!

Just use the mouse or touch controls to interact with your control panel. Now that you understood, start right now, as there is nothing else for you to learn, just start playing the game and enjoy it to the fullest as only here do you get the chance of doing it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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