Five Nights at Miku's Demo (Night 2)

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What is Five Nights at Miku's Demo (Night 2)?

Five Nights at Miku's Demo (Night 2)

The FNAF Games category is always full of surprises, and we're totally positive that this one will be a pleasant one, as we're talking about a game where instead of the scary animatronics, the one you need to be fearful of is none other than Hatsune Miku, the most popular virtual idol singer in the world, and the reason for that is because she is the first one in the genre. You survived one night in her musical horrors, can you survive the second?

Do you think you can survive Five Nights at Miku's? Play and find out!

A toy of this idol has come to life and during the night she kills people and turns them into anime, which is what you must prevent at any cost if you wish to survive this game! Click on the green button to the left to open the lights and see if she is there, and click on the red one when she appears to activate the protection against her.

Know that you must not run out of power from using the lights too much, because if that happens, nothing else can stand against her, and you will be offed! Don't let that happen, but focus, be brave, and have fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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