Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location

Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location

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Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location
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Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location Overview


Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location is a brand new FNAF spin-off where instead of the regular Freddy Fazzbear's Pizzeria where you are used to getting your dose of horror from you will go to the sister location, which is another restaurant owned by the same company, where the animatronics are also coming to life and are up to no good, with a whole new slate of scary toys to face in this game for you:

  • Ballora
  • F. Freddy
  • Yenndo
  • F. Foxy
  • Bonnet
  • Bidybab
  • Electrobah
  • Lolbit
  • Minireena 1 and 2

This game is also a Custom Night game, meaning that you can choose which of these antagonists to deal with from the main menu!

Can you survive Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location?

You've been hired as a security guard of this establishment for families, which is cherry during the day, with families eating and their children interacting with the animatronic toys, but when the night comes, and your shift starts, they turn demonic and want to kill you.

From the security guard's room, you have to survive for the five nights of your employment, from 12 AM until 6 AM, when the sun rises, without getting killed by these evil toys come to life!

The cameras and the battery will save your life!

With the button down below you can open up the security cameras, and click on any of them to see what's happening in the rooms. Do so to watch where the animatronics are, as they are getting near to your office.

When they come near, press the buttons on the left and right to close the doors shut, but put them back up when the monsters have left. Why? Well, you're running on limited power, and if you run out of battery life, nothing can stop the animatronics from entering and killing you!

If you see one of the toys suddenly appear on-screen, they've got you! Watch for visual and audio cues that can give you hints when the monsters are near. It takes bravery, so use it here, and have fun like only with FNAF Games you can!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Save up on battery life for as much as possible!
  • Some monsters come with warning icons, so begin with their levels.

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