Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location

01.05.2019 36545 2696 votes

11% dislikes

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What is Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location?

If you thought that you've played horror games until now, you opinion is going to change immediately because in this cool and so awesome game, you have the occasion to use the mouse in order to interact with different things, all of them horror, of course, and all of them, meant to give you a step closer to finding the location of the Sister. Sister is either a nickname for a secret horror operation or even a sister, so let's start it right now and chase, following, follow the instructions step by step and also make sure that you'll find the location rightly, and do your best for spending all the five nights at Freddy's alive and then make those nights be useful for you. Good luck and pay attention to the details, clicking on different objects and using the W key to crawl wherever it's necessary and SHIFT for a speed boost. Good luck once again and make this location reveal itself now. There are flashlights, noisy sounds which may be disturbing so that's why you are warned from now! Good luck for the last time and feel the real taste of a horror adventure now, in this kind of puzzle and interacting adventure game!


Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location


Use the mouse



Gubbins in 11.04.2021 06:02

bruh it wont load me innn

girliwantsucy2 in 10.04.2021 02:26

wow bc LOL

fransiree in 09.04.2021 02:00

wheres the continue button :(

noooooo in 09.04.2021 01:57

im rageeeeeeeeeing

sfsdf in 08.04.2021 13:40

where are the jumpscares

butcheek in 06.04.2021 18:15

why everytime on night 2 when i reach the breaker room i lose for some reason

springtrap in 31.03.2021 12:40

i hate this

caprisunwhore in 26.03.2021 22:48

im stuck at the loading screen :')

eggsotice butters in 21.03.2021 01:09

how do i not make eye contact?

Scrap baby in 20.03.2021 23:36

Amazing just please make it more like the first game made by the actual people

toy chica in 17.03.2021 17:14

its not working

XD James in 17.03.2021 17:00

Funtime freddy and funtime foxy are my best sister location people

Ballora in 17.03.2021 08:50

Why cant I get out of the elevator on the last night??

isabelle in 12.03.2021 21:55


i love piggy 2314 in 12.03.2021 17:57

i like this

chicken in 11.03.2021 21:05

i want text only and it wont let me

[email protected] in 11.03.2021 00:06

hi um it said game over i fun time foxeys atoerm even when i bearly moved

Cool in 10.03.2021 16:08

Loving it! It took me hours to find my keyboard though.. mind adding screen controls?

Cami in 09.03.2021 17:44

I canโ€™t move around I donโ€™t have a keyboard I was looking forward to this game!

Friend in 09.03.2021 17:29

You have a good game! I rate this a 5 star! This is better than most!

Friend in 09.03.2021 17:28

Can you add controls to screen and everything works fine for me!

Ppppp in 09.03.2021 17:27


Rio in 09.03.2021 17:25

Yeah add screen!

[email protected] in 09.03.2021 15:11

fnaf 5 i lobve it

Elizabeth Afton in 07.03.2021 20:35

This is amazing!!!!

kami in 07.03.2021 04:56

i killed a rat

dsdjsaldjsa in 06.03.2021 19:01

its way to easy and this is not the real game

toyfox54 in 04.03.2021 20:06

its kinda dumb

toyfox54 in 04.03.2021 20:06

i cant move when im in the plate thing

skavj in 03.03.2021 04:20

always die on night 4 after you sleep walk into the freezer room or whatever

Alex Afton in 03.03.2021 04:00

but who else wishes you actually worked here

Alex Afton in 03.03.2021 03:59

some glitchs are occuring a little more often now

braedon in 02.03.2021 10:10


Aubrey_Afton in 01.03.2021 19:45

Sooo there are a few problems. The game is slightly pixelated but that's not the actual gameplay. In the game play, I try to remove the "power modules" or whatever from funtime freddy, and I get everything from funtime freddy himself, but it won't let me do a thing to bon bon. Also, there is no scenes of being home and eating popcorn with your exotic butters. Sorry ennard, maybe the next game :c

Blossom in 28.02.2021 15:09

Everyone, this is not the real game. Go to steam/apple store/google play to get the actual game. This is only a demo. That's why not everything is in it. I hoped this comment helped! xxx

FOXY in 26.02.2021 21:30


why bruh in 26.02.2021 19:02

why do i get a game over screen when i enter funtime auditorium

I finished SL in 26.02.2021 10:25

This is why its says game over in funtime foxys room : well its because you need to use the flashlight and you wait till he goes if you dont it will say game over :)

fnaf in 25.02.2021 15:36

ummm how do you get in the funtime ordertorium

YshaPuffyKourt in 25.02.2021 06:47


MCKAILYSTRANGERTHING in 24.02.2021 21:44


FnafFan_71 in 23.02.2021 18:48

its annoying when you get to parts and service it doesnt let me click bon bon

LOLBIT!!!!! you have been bad. in 23.02.2021 16:48

I absolutely LoVe this GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

XxPandaBearxX in 23.02.2021 16:46

My screen went black for a sec then said game over as soon as I got in there.

08174981836 in 23.02.2021 06:58

so glitch

xHunn1_Bearx in 22.02.2021 14:53

this game is awsome

the weirdo in 21.02.2021 20:52

why isnt it the scene where your at home there?

reubendavid_gaming in 21.02.2021 19:01

but i love the game

reubendavid_gaming in 21.02.2021 19:00

i was on my 3 shift but i was going to the funtimeplace but it said game over for no resen

randomperson#1 in 16.02.2021 19:29

um fix the game when entered into funtime foxy room its when to game over

zack in 16.02.2021 13:34

hi i play on tv but i can play fnaf 1 but i can't play this because it for pc so can you make this original like fnaf 1

lolbit in 15.02.2021 20:39

it is so funy

akidily in 15.02.2021 16:23

when going into funtime auditorium (foxy's room), i instantly got a game over screen (i didn't even have the time to listen the instructions) and now i have to restart at night 1

1mrobux in 14.02.2021 18:08

the web page is blocked ;[

yes in 13.02.2021 21:18

Why do I get a game over screen so early?

Bellamikexennard(sorry for dis if you dont like de ship) in 13.02.2021 16:15

soo uhm when i put in one letter it puts in eggs benedict for no reason :/

Alex Afton in 13.02.2021 08:21

just don't like that when you die you have to re-start from the start

skavj in 13.02.2021 08:14

not that music

Alex Afton in 13.02.2021 08:13

what am i doing with my life?

Alex Afton in 13.02.2021 08:00

great game no glitchs

Ara afton in 12.02.2021 14:16

;m; wHy

laylin in 11.02.2021 14:49

i love tis game

Hehe in 11.02.2021 04:32

pov: your looking in the coments to see how good it is

good fox in 10.02.2021 17:02

This game is a 500/10

[email protected] in 10.02.2021 08:29


FNaFfan:p in 09.02.2021 19:34

tbh it is a great game tho pixelated

PLAYE1234 in 09.02.2021 18:35

i do speed run

[email protected] in 09.02.2021 05:39

i kind like this game

What in 07.02.2021 23:17

I for some reason, when I entered Funtime Auditorium, I get a game over screen for no reason

purplewhitekitty in 07.02.2021 07:46

awesome game

Foxy in 07.02.2021 01:12

Arghhh! As me foxy I rate this a four!

kittycatferg in 07.02.2021 01:08

Guys do you expect a high quality game to not take loading so long?

Ft.Foxieisagurl1 in 06.02.2021 16:56

Does anyone know how to get past night 3? I've tryed sooooooooo many times and I can't do it :(

Ft.Foxieisagurl1 in 06.02.2021 16:19

does anyone know what to do if C.B comes on ur screen on a platform??

circus baby fan in 05.02.2021 19:53

i cant figure out what to do whenever i die and i have to start all over again after i do

circus baby fan in 05.02.2021 19:37

FNAF Fan uwu i can relate

2550397 in 05.02.2021 03:46


esthercandys in 03.02.2021 23:05

its not working when is said sock

PeganixPLAYZ in 03.02.2021 15:26

if u try not to make eye contact it says game over

[email protected] in 02.02.2021 18:55


im scard in 02.02.2021 16:00

uh oh

hi im a person in 01.02.2021 22:48

how do you get ft freddy away

jumbomumbo in 01.02.2021 03:31

its not letting me play for some reason

[email protected] in 30.01.2021 10:48

iam soo good at thisss game smiles*

fnaf uwu in 27.01.2021 14:17

i hate this game

fnaf fan UwU in 26.01.2021 15:10

takes forever to load and when it says gameover idk what to do next but overall amazing(๏พ‰โ—•ใƒฎโ—•)๏พ‰*:๏ฝฅ๏พŸโœง

Levi_kpop fan in 23.01.2021 16:32

oi oi oi

moveishoot in 22.01.2021 23:29

finally no waste of money in a game

Xeneosphere in 22.01.2021 23:29


physic_boi in 22.01.2021 22:30

finally no waste of money in a game

Lolbit in 21.01.2021 17:18

What do i do in Night 4? It

gvfyhbvc in 21.01.2021 15:16

i love this but wont let me out of lift on night 5 lol

nct in 21.01.2021 10:57

is slow

Bellamikexennard in 21.01.2021 08:59

well on night 2 ballora nor foxy is on stage but it says they are-

what i say is true in 21.01.2021 00:25

its not loading for me

i am a human in 20.01.2021 15:30

amazing love it didnt understand what to do on night 4 tho

Lolbit in 19.01.2021 15:33

Pro tip: Since it doesn't have full screen, Zoom in!

Lolbit in 19.01.2021 15:24

Haven't Played it, Looks Fun, Some people Say It's glitchy at night 5, That's sad

Precious26 in 19.01.2021 05:25

ballora is hard

Precious26 in 19.01.2021 04:45

it takes forever to load

selenanikitty in 18.01.2021 18:08

when it says game over it dosent make me play

Kpop fan in 17.01.2021 09:42

best game ever

what i say is cap in 17.01.2021 02:18

this game was wonderful, loaded so fast (:

funtime foxy in 16.01.2021 18:31


ellizabeth in 16.01.2021 18:30


man in 16.01.2021 15:13


catliz12346 in 15.01.2021 14:32

why short (/'-'/)

candlequeen1111 in 14.01.2021 14:55

Good game but no full screen?

Fnaf=life in 14.01.2021 13:25

Amazing โœจ

babby in 13.01.2021 18:03

you play whith a mouse dummys

ayden in 08.01.2021 23:00

so fun

pusheen in 08.01.2021 14:18

die bon bon. its not scary.

todiroki in 08.01.2021 00:02

funtime freddy has the same problem as bakugo

ruby_anderson2020 in 08.01.2021 00:00

good game. i still hate bon bon.

Am I dumb or what? in 06.01.2021 21:13

I died on night 3-...I was just 5 steps away! Other then me being terrible, Amazing game!

Jessica in 05.01.2021 14:15

at night 2 i need to hide under the desk and drag the hiding plate to my left and should have a flashlight but no flashlight and the hiding plate was already draged.

charli d'amelio in 05.01.2021 08:33

yep stops at night 5 :/

alias in 04.01.2021 11:19


Anon in 03.01.2021 17:31

Stopped working at night 5, glitchy overall but its pretty decent 7/10

Izuku.Midoriya(deku) in 01.01.2021 17:51

really good my viewers love it

gril gg123 in 01.01.2021 03:47


Scarlet Bonga in 26.12.2020 03:09

i like it

z0ne in 26.12.2020 03:09

i like it

galaxy unicorn in 25.12.2020 14:00

i like five nihgts at freddys

[email protected] in 25.12.2020 14:00

i like it

Scarlet Bonga in 25.12.2020 13:44

i like it

Mandopanda in 28.11.2020 00:55

Hi i love it i say 10 / 10

WILLIAM in 27.11.2020 16:09


poopmaste1321lel in 23.11.2020 06:45

dis sucs

hiiii in 19.11.2020 21:31


funtime freddy in 15.11.2020 21:29

BON-BON got get em!!!!!

coco in 14.11.2020 00:41

it works

coco in 14.11.2020 00:40

its a good gamei loved playing it

premiumriobiox in 11.11.2020 12:50

it says it is blocked crap

Circus Baby in 08.11.2020 07:24

It works for me?

Circus Baby in 07.11.2020 08:57


the bish bunny in 03.11.2020 09:54

how can i play

AmberCat65 in 03.11.2020 09:52

how can i play

fnaf lover in 03.11.2020 09:52

how can i play

Rainbow in 01.11.2020 22:57

yeah ik that is say that and that BS I SAY BS BS BS, BS means bullshit ok everyone who don't know ok, ???????

xxxtentaccion in 27.10.2020 12:36

it's hard when you try to press ctrl+w it closes your tab

liz afton in 21.10.2020 20:57

i wont load

Lemon Fox Candy in 15.10.2020 16:50

It wouldnt load, please get rid of ads. for that reason i cant play. 2 stars dude.

i hate my life in 09.10.2020 12:16


i hate my life in 09.10.2020 12:16


alias in 05.10.2020 17:53


stevenhamilton in 06.09.2020 23:26


jay in 06.09.2020 02:56

I love fnaf

>-> in 06.09.2020 00:06


willaim in 03.09.2020 22:28

please make it load faster

AIex in 01.09.2020 01:10

I like it but it didnt want to get clicked like the red button

BNNNN in 30.08.2020 02:04


muka4 in 24.08.2020 00:06

i like five nights at freddy

cj in 23.08.2020 20:42

gix the pupet in the game

ikonik in 22.08.2020 08:34

i played it it was soooooooooo fun

pastel in 10.08.2020 15:38

it says abobe flash player blocked

06161087650 in 05.08.2020 08:10

its BLUE i say BLUE!!!!!!!!!

alice in 04.08.2020 16:03

this game dose not work!:(

Mal15567 in 27.07.2020 02:13

yesss make it load i cant playyyy

fnaf potterlol122 in 24.07.2020 20:32

its loading so slow ive not played it yet

800003568 in 14.07.2020 17:59