Five Nights at Fazbear's

Five Nights at Fazbear's

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Five Nights at Fazbear's
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Five Nights at Fazbear's Overview


Five Nights at Fazbear's is going to be one of the best new takes on FNAF Games online that we've had here, which we know that all our fans of horror games online with puzzle-interactive elements are going to adore from start to finish, and new fans have a great entryway into the series with this one. Are you one of them? Then let us teach you what to do, so that you can easily begin playing the game!

Let's survive Five Nights at Fazbear's online!

Click on the sides to look around the room, and use the button down below to open up the tablet, which allows you to switch between the security cameras you are watching, simply by clicking on their numbers.

Watch for the animatronics as they are closing into your room, and make sure to close the doors when they do, because if they enter, you are going to get killed.

Also, use light against them, but make sure that at no point you run out of energy totally, in that case, you are going to let them in. As the security guard at Fazbear's place, you have to do this to survive until the morning for a total of five nights, five different shifts. Can you do it? Face your fears and start doing it right now!



How to play?

Use the mouse.

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