Don't Whack Your Teacher

14.12.2015 18786 496 votes

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What is Don't Whack Your Teacher?

Don't Whack Your Teacher

This game contains a lot of violences scenes or gore or burns so if you do not like this things or if you are a weak hearted guy, please, just exit this game! On the other hand, if you love the adventure and you feel like you have to take a revenge with some teachers but you can't do it in real life, you can download all your anger right here, in this awesome and pretty spooky game! The things you are gonna see and do in this game, must remain in this game so do not ever try to copy this actions in real life because it is impossible and with no sense. So let's come back to the action of this game! You have to find out different ways to make you teacher suffer so bad, to whack him and to make him really injuries and to make him feel so hurted using only some school things, you have available. You have to figure out ways to hurt him only with the things thrown into the classroom and find 13 different and painful ways to make him bad and this is gonna bring you the accomplishment of this awesome game!

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Use the mouse