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Whack Your Soulmate

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Whack Your Soulmate
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Whack Your Soulmate Overview


Whack Your Soulmate

Welcome to Whack Your Soulmate, your source for insult and injury. In this game, you’re choosing different items and seeing how they’re used to provide a gruesome end to the man or woman.

Whack Your Soulmate Gameplay

Whack Your Soulmate is gory, violent, and a fun way to decompress. If you have bottled up violence in your heart, then this is a good way to release it without hurting anyone in the real world.

In Whack Your Soulmate, there’s only one screen with a man and a woman standing across from each other and smiling. You would think there’s nothing wrong with how happy they are, but they clearly hold a lot of resentment in their hearts, as they use the various items that players click to inflict pain on each other.

Players click on the various items and see how it’s used to kill the other person. Here are some of the items you can click in Whack Your Soulmate:

โ—    A Car: You would think a car would be used to run over someone. However, you’d be surprised to find out how a car is used in Whack Your Soulmate, as one of them ends up with a bullet to the end.
โ—    An Airplane: Having an airplane create a heart in the sky is romantic, but how does it lead to a gruesome chainsaw death?
โ—    Slipper: The slipper, surprisingly, doesn’t lead to any gruesome eye injuries, but it does cause severe emotional and mental damage.

Whack Your Soulmate Tips

Other than “don’t try this at home,” there’s not much to say about Whack Your Soulmate. You should try to click everything and see how each item is used for violence, but that’s the extent of the gameplay.

Whack Your Soulmate is a great stress reliever, but don’t try any of this in real life.

How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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