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Courage Saw

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Courage Saw
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Courage Saw Overview


What is Courage Saw? It's a horror game, a point-and-click game, and an adventure game all at the same time. Even better, it is based on the movie series of the same name. You need to use strategy, logical thinking, and, most importantly, bravery!

Help Courage win the Saw Game online!

A character called Pigsaw (like Jigswar, but he's a pig), has kidnapped Muriel and Eustace. You and Courage need to play the evil game and locate nine fragments of a magic medallion. Only it can rescue his family, and he needs your help, trust us!

Go inside the house, and outside of it, and explore all the locations to find the items. Make sure you are not caught by the villain. If it happens, remember where he was, so the next time you play, you don't go inside the room! (wink, wink: the bathroom)

Learn the basics of playing the saw game:
  1. Walking, where you click where you want to go. Click on the arrows to go from one room to another.
  2. Click on objects to interact with them. If you press the eye, you get a description of them. Click on the mouth and hand to use their senses to learn more about the item.
  3. Put items in the inventory, and then drag them over objects around the room. This can trigger actions, and actions will lead you to discover the magical parts of the medallion!
Replay the horror to defeat it!

From our experience, this is a game of trial and error. You will have to fail many times to learn how to survive. The more you die, the more you learn. Restart as many times as it takes you, learning the tricks to defeat the evil and save the day. Courage never gives up, you should not either!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Find and use items like a shovel, ladder, keys, the remote control, the toilet pump, and many more!

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