Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith

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Mr. Smith
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Mr. Smith Overview

We present you our new shooting game on our website! Your name is Mr. Smith and you must shoot the bad guys on the level. You can do so by pointing your gun with the laser pointer and pulling the trigger. This will shoot the bad guy if you aimed correctly and even praise you if you manage to get a headshot.

The bullets you shoot can bounce off the walls, you need to use this property to your advantage by shooting bad guys that are inaccessible by bouncing the bullet off of other surfaces. The bullets can also shoot through enemies, allowing you to shoot multiple enemies at once and some levels are designed for this purpose.

On later levels, you will encounter wooden crates. These crates block your way but your bullets can destroy them and bounce off of them after breaking them. You only have a limited number of bullets and there are 2 types of bullets, the golden and the black bullets.

The golden bullets represent how many bullets you have left to complete the level with 3 stars. If you get into the black bullets you won't be able to complete the level with 3 stars.

Time to shoot out the bad guys!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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