Spiral Roll

Spiral Roll

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Spiral Roll
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Spiral Roll Overview


In this game, you must shave wood into a roll moving forward with a flat tool! You are in a body of water and there are logs of stripped wood in the water, you must hold your sharp flat tool down to shave off thin spiraling rolls of wood. But beware, there are obstacles in front of you that you must avoid or destroy. These obstacles include metal saws that if you hit your tool will stop and you'll be forced to restart the level from the beginning.

You aren't completely out of luck when it comes to obstacles though, the more wood you cut the higher it jumps forward when you release or the wood log runs out, the lesser your cut the less it will jump forward, if you can estimate how much you need to cut, the spiral wood may hit the saw and it will break. The same applies to every obstacle found in the game, such as brick walls but with those, you need to break them otherwise your tool will hit it and it will fail the level.

You may also find coins in the level, you also need to estimate how much you need to cut to hit them, also you need to cut enough wood to fill the meter that is on top of the screen to pass to the next level. On the levels, you may find platforms with numbers or other images on them, if you manage to estimate and time your cut, the spiral wood will hit it and give you different amounts of money depending on how far or how close the wood hits the image. At the end of the levels, you also cut a red carpet that also jumps onto a platform with numbers, the numbers represent how much money you'll get.

Have fun playing Spiral Roll!

How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.

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