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Minecraft Pixel World is an interesting block game where you can build, break, and even craft blocks. You spawn in a world with a few houses and buildings, the world is an interesting landscape that is covered in trees.

In the game, multiple blocks are affected by gravity and fall to the ground. If you break a tree, its leaves and tree bark will fall to the ground. The items you break can be placed down again to make other creations of your own.

The game also features deers that you can spawn down by pressing Y. In your inventory, you get a shovel, a sword, and some torches. You can also switch between normal and building mode, in the normal mode you need to wait until the block is broken while in building mode you can break them instantly.

You can even throw balls in the game that are randomly colored, we hope you will like Minecraft Pixel World!

How to play?

Use WASD to move. Select items with number keys and open inventory with TAB. Use the mouse to place and break blocks. LSHIFT to run, C to crouch, R to throw balls, Y to summon a deer, B to toggle build mode, F to toggle flying mode, T to interact, X to place down a brick block, G to throw items, Esc pauses the game.

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