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Mighty Party

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Mighty Party
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Mighty Party Overview


Mighty Party is a cool new strategy game where you need to strategically place down your fighters to defeat the enemies. You must place your characters on the fighting grid. Each character has their own abilities and health.

The goal is to defeat the main enemy at the other end of the map. You must also protect yourself from the enemies' attacks. There are many types of characters, the first one is the melee characters that attack at short range and run at the enemy. The magic and the archer characters shoot the enemies from behind but they have lower health.

Each character has different attack damage. Winning a fight will give you money and experience. You can use the money to buy many items from the shop. You can use the experience you gain to upgrade the heroes you own. You can assemble your deck to your liking by choosing any of the heroes on the bottom and dragging them to your deck. The higher your league, the more cards you will be able to hold.

Upgrading a character will upgrade their stats by a certain amount. Usually, it improves their attack damage but it may also upgrade their maximum health. Winning a match may also give you a chest that you can open and it may give you money, experience points, and hero cards used to upgrade the heroes you own.

There are many places to discover in the world. There is the journey mode where you go on a journey and fight enemies on it. There are many islands in the journey mode that you can complete. At the gold mine, you can fight golden statues and the philosopher's stone to gain a lot of gold coins.

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How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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