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Mighty Knight

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Mighty Knight
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Mighty Knight Overview


Mighty Knight is an action, strategy, and war game set in the world of heroes of the long past, but also with some fantasy elements into it, resulting into one of the best flash games you can find here, now emulated and playable for all, which we will describe to you in this part of the article, so you can give your best at it!

Let's be the best Mighty Knight online!

Use WASD to move, J to attack, K and L to use skills when available, and P to pause.

To win a level you have to eliminate all the enemies in it, and if you can hit multiple of them at the same time, you get to make chains which means more bonuses. Roll by moving and pressing right twice, and you can use rolling for dodging attacks.

Between levels, you use the money you've earned to add new weapons, new power skills, and sets to your knight, as well as add familiars to your army, such as friendly ghosts, and others, so that you have help when facing big waves of enemies.

Make sure to put a great strategy before each level, as each new army you deal with is bigger and stronger too. Good luck, and stick around, there are plenty more amazing games you can find and play here!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, J, K, L keys, and P.

Tips & Tricks

  • Kill multiple enemies at once to get chains linked up and earn yourself more treasure!
  • Improve your abilities with the gold you earn.
  • Make a big army to stand off against the enemies.

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