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Hyper Knight

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Hyper Knight
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Hyper Knight Overview


Hyper Knight is a new strategy, war, action, and merge game all into one, with a hypercasual game design and gameplay, as even the title suggests, where the world has ended because ancient creatures of various kinds, such as dragons, gnomes, orcs, goblins, and more have risen from their graves, so you have to become the knight that will stand before them with bravery, weaponry, and magic, to defeat them and save the humans. Let's see how to do it, shall we?

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Use the mouse to move your blue stickman, your knight, and defeat the first wave of red stickmen, which are enemy warriors, having to clear the map of all the foes to open up the portal and advance to the next level. What happens one level after another is that you get more enemies, and they also become continuously bigger and stronger, for you to face them.

Your currency in this game is coins, of course, but for that, you first have to take the souls of the defeated enemies and bring them to the soulkeeper, who will exchange them for the coins. Only after that, you can take the coins to the blacksmith, where you upgrade your helmet, your weapon, your shield, and other gear and weapons.

It's quite important to do it so that you can defeat the next wave of enemies that also get stronger. The magic shop gets unlocked further down the road, so that you can add some magical powers to your arsenal, and you will even be able to spawn more soldiers to help you, NPCs that will give you an upper hand.

Rinse and repeat these processes to keep gaining power over the enemies, and save the day no matter how many creatures you have to battle!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Exchange souls for coins and use coins for weapons and magic powers.
  • Upgrade the knight's gear, and change classes like swordsman, archer, or wizard.
  • Defeat orcs, dragons, and monsters to gain more XP points and bigger rewards.

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