Super Chibi Knight

Super Chibi Knight

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Super Chibi Knight
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Super Chibi Knight Overview


Super Chibi Knight is going to be an improvement over the first game, of course, since this one is the super version, as the title showcases, and if you loved having the adventures full of action and fantasy from the first one, you are going to love entering the universe again, and having tons of fun once again!

Go on the adventures of the Super Chibi Knight online!

First, controls: use the arrow keys for movement, and the A, S, D keys to perform various kinds of attacks, both with swords, and with magic, or defensive techniques, so that you can win each and every skirmish you get yourselves into.

You will have dragon battles in the sky, some on the ground, against wizards, knights, and other kinds of foes, and you also have to make friends, talking with people, as you gain new weapons and powers to use to your advantage.

You never know what can be just around the corner, so try to explore as many of the maps as possible too, and gather resources so you can be prepared for all the battles you are going to have. Good luck, start your new adventure, and invite your friends along for the ride too!

How to play?

Use the arrows, A, S, D keys.

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