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Chibi Knight

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Chibi Knight
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Chibi Knight Overview


Are you ready for an adventure with a small yet ferocious warrior? That is what Chibi Knight is, and this new game is going to give you all of that and more right now, in a cool new RPG game created in the vein of older games for handheld consoles, but with new technology that will make the experience smoother and better!

Join the adventures of Chibi Knight online!

Use the arrow keys for moving your knight character, and use the A key for interaction, such as speaking with wizards, blacksmiths, other warriors, and more, and you can also use it for attacking when you encounter foes and various dangers along the way.

The kingdom you are part of is under threat by monsters and all sorts of enemies, and you need to travel the land, find weapons, add them to your inventory, raise your abilities in fighting and magic, and use all of it to defeat them, saving the innocents from their threat.

The more experience points you get, the more you can raise the attack, armor, and magic meters. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around to see what more surprises we've got in store for the day, you are going to love them!

How to play?

Use the arrows and A key.

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